Is Your Flue Liner on Its Last Legs? Call Us to Find Out.

We inspect chimney liners in the Tri City Area around Kingston & Catskill, NY

Over time, your flue liner can break down and increase your risk of a house fire. Without a camera and trained eye, it's difficult to figure out your chimney liner's condition. That's where All in the Family Chimney Sweep & Repair offers a video inspection.

Property owners in the Kingston & Catskill, NY areas trust us to replace their chimney liners. When you call us, our chimney sweep will inspect your flue to determine if you need chimney relining services. It is necessary to have a chimney liner so make sure to call a professional when you are looking to install one.

You can also look for tell-tale signs that you need a new chimney liner. Schedule chimney relining right away if...

  • You're installing a new furnace.
  • You know you have an unlined chimney.
  • You've noticed clay tile shards in your fireplace and your furnace flue.

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What does a chimney liner do?

What does a chimney liner do?

Chimney liners serve two purposes. They:

  • Protect homeowners from carbon monoxide poisoning. Chimney liners prevent toxic gases from eroding chimney mortar and seeping into homeowners' living areas.
  • Extend the life of furnaces and wood-burning stoves. Flues are designed to release exhaust. An incorrectly sized chimney liner can shut off your furnace because there is not enough volume for the gases to be vented.

Many area residents deal with built-up creosote in their chimneys. By applying special chemicals you can removed creosote build up. All in the Family Chimney Sweep & Repair is one of the companies in the Kingston & Catskill, NY areas that does offer this treatment for creosote build up.

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