Is Your Dryer Vent In Need of a Cleaning?

Is Your Dryer Vent In Need of a Cleaning?

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Is your utility bill higher than normal? Are your clothes still damp after they've gone through the dryer? If your dryer doesn't operate as it once did, call David's Chimney Cleaning Service LLC for your dryer vent cleaning needs.

Having a clean dryer vent allows you to:

•Lower your risk of home fires
•Prolong the life of your dryer
•Decrease your energy bill
•Dry your clothes faster

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Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

Even though you clean out the lint in your dryer before every use, lint buildup still occurs with regular upkeep. Not only will cleaning your dryer vent prolong the life of your dryer and lower your energy bill, it also lowers the risk of house fires. Are you unsure when to schedule a vent cleaning appointment? Here are some tell tale signs that your dryer needs its vent cleaned:

•Clothes are unusually hot to the touch: This is due to limited air flow.

•Clothes take longer than normal to dry: Restricted air flow prevents your dryer from functioning properly.

•The laundry room is warmer than normal when drying clothes: A giveaway that lint is trapped and causing your dryer to overheat

•You smell something burning: Trapped lint and an overheated dryer are a recipe for a house fire.

•The lint flap isn't opening: This means your dryer has restricted air flow due to trapped lint stuck in the vent.

•The dryer stops working altogether: Some dryers have a safety feature that automatically turn it off when they've overheated.

•It's been more than a year since cleaning the vent: Even though you clean your lint trap like clockwork, lint will inevitably clog your dryer vent. At minimum, you should have your dryer vent cleaned annually.

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